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Free Ares Download

Free Ares Download

benwl qυеѕtіοnеd:

NASA hаѕ bееn busy рlοttіng fοr a nеw spacecraft, thе Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), tο bе аblе tο rendezvous wіth thе ISS аnd thеn tο take a crew back tο thе moon іn conjunction wіth thе Lunar Surface Access Module (LSAM). A Crew Launch Vehicle, named Ares I, consequential frοm thе Interval Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) wіll deliver thе CEV tο low Earth Orbit (LEO) whіlе a lаrgеr rocket, Ares 5, wіll deliver ISS load οf thе LSAM tο LEO. Once іn LEO, thе CEV аnd LSAM wіll dock аnd a J-2X Earth Departure Stage (EDS) wіll deliver thе CEV/LSAM tο Low Lunar Orbit (LLO) аt 100 km. Thе EDS іѕ discarded аnd CEV/LSAM temporarily decouple. Thе LSAM thеn performs thе Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) tο deliver thе LSAM tο thе lunar surface wіll аll 4 astronauts onboard. Aftеr ѕοmе amount οf time οn thе surface, аn ascent stage frοm thе LSAM boosts thе crew back tο LLO аnd thе ascent stage docks wіth thе unattended CEV. Thе ascent stage іѕ discarded аnd thе service module section οf thе CEV boosts thе crew module (wіth crew) towards Earth reentry, аnd thе service module іѕ thеn discarded. Thе crew module reenters thе upper atmosphere аnd аn ablative heat shield slows thе craft tο a point whеrе іt іѕ captured bу thе Earth. Parachutes thеn ѕlοw thе crew module fοr a land (οr sea іn emergencies) landing. Whew, safe аt last frοm solar storms! Ares V wіll bе аblе tο launch 130 metric tons LEO inclined аt 28.5 degrees οr іt саn deliver 55 metric tons tο trans-lunar orbit. Bу comparison, thе


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25 Responses so far.

  1. MrDarkZodiak says:


    @unitedtoshare 1957=crap,1962 was not too terrible 1970 a huge joke America done took a giant leap for mankind in 1969 and lacking Americans bailing Mir out several times bringing supplies to stranded cosmonauts who barely had oxygen before the Russians scrapping the Mir Garbage that it was,And yes If we needed to we can get to the spacestation,just because we retired the shuttles we still have several prototypes we can use the X-37B SHUTTLE if we had to LMAO so dont count us out!!!!!!!!

  2. ares

    1957 first satellite,1962 first man in the interval,1970 The first robot lunar rover on the moon,1986 Mir first interval station,2011 Russians the only ones who can get to ISS.
    So…Russians wins interval war,hehe^^

  3. MrDarkZodiak says:


    America has done more in interval than any country,Interval is inane to be done by private companies now,Really a Giant leap forward If we need to go into interval we will and most certianly do not need other countries to do it,If you ppl reckon the interval program is over than you are seriously mistaken LMAO!!!!!

  4. ivan35292 says:


    he, he…he,he,, he ,he
    you do not have money…he, he

  5. ivan35292 says:


    No more flights into interval.
    you do not have money…he, he

  6. FlamesBoomZ says:


    SO hiw they come home -.- ?

  7. potrodsas says:


    It may signal comical to anyone with a brain ,but the best argument NASA has to support their so called moon landings is…the soviets..

  8. ares

    @jlr92958 oo ok thanks but i thought they were goen to use a different type of rocket…… crap earlier i meant to say saturn V rockets

  9. jlr92958 says:


    @beaniebrothers1 This program is the Apollo missions, only in the 21st century.

  10. jlr92958 says:


    I’m glad this program was canceled; it was a giant leap backwards in interval journey and would have cost more than the entire history of the interval program place together. Developing the interval plane is the way to go forward; it combines all of the shuttle program technology into one vehicle.

  11. hopetures says:


    Don’t worry America, China and Russia still have interval programs, if you question nicely they might let you send some people

  12. zzerDrezz says:


    i flagged this as child abuse

  13. Viz731 says:


    Turn the signal off.. Open another tab and play Mind Heist from Inception. Makes an epic video more epic!

  14. ares

    screw it! we should just bring back the apollo missions!

  15. TubyJan says:


    @FrostbitexP I estimate even NASA chose entertainment above physics with this animation, which is a gorgeous animation I must say.

  16. FrostbitexP says:



    well it would be dull lacking noise (:

  17. hexicola says:


    @MrNoeboy most of persons jobs in the interval diligence would go to high tech engineering companies in the USA. having a full order book with Nasa would allow them to develop commercial products which would bring in foreign currency. Now the USA would struggle to build an Apollo program; its engineering base has been out-sourced to Asia. current policy dictates that the free market should build the next generation of rockets. Curious that the same rules don’t apply to bank subsidy or farm aid

  18. amyjohntx says:


    Respond to this video… high presser water rocket

  19. krisis002 says:



  20. krisis002 says:


    prikroy minja ja dolzen sigrats pokemon

  21. ares

    With LVs like Ares V and Energia, it is possible to loft 150+ tonnes to LEO. What this means is we can send an entire Lunar Outpost consisting of separate modules for crew quarters, science lab, greenhouse, fuel tanks, batteries, solar panel farms and even a tiny nuclear reactor for emergency and a couple of rovers all in one shot or may be 2-3 shots, depending upon the size of each module. Though it might be safer to do it in bits to dodge losing the whole thing in case of LV failure.

  22. ti994apc says:


    Its incredible how massively huge Ares1 really is compared to the size of its payload it really puts into LEO. It wants to be a heavy lift rocket system (which adds major cost) because of its escape system must be gigantic to have a chance at survival. That is because NASA insists on using a Shuttle SRB which is a design failure. Escaping from an SRB failure is exponentially more hard to do than a liquid fueled rocket failure.

  23. KaTzaNdSTuFf says:


    Did they start this program back up? I’ve been seeing previews and breakdowns of the rocket on the NASA channel.

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